What’s that coat of arms?

A list of coats of arms:

Fox’s Heraldry of the West Country 170716

containing descriptions of about 7000 examples from books ancient and a bit less ancient

and as found around the West Countrybevil-16q-imp-berry-17q

The list is mainly derived from sixteenth and seventeenth and nineteenth century descriptions of the Devon and Cornwall, particularly listing armigerous families, and the heralds’ visitations of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

The list has been augmented by information from such commonly used sources as Burke’s “General Armory” and Papworth’s “Ordinary of British Armorials.”

A list of the sources can be found on The Sources page

Many of the arms are shown by examples currently to be found in churches etc. of the West Country and elsewhere.

Many of the arms are illustrated either in monochrome or in colour.  The monochrome line illustrations are generally stolen from Gilbert’s “Historical Survey of Cornwall” or from Prince’s “Worthies of Devon.”  The colour illustrations by the editor have been created using Inkwell Ideas Coat of Arms Design Studio  or Drawshield, with a bit of help from Paint and the image formatting in Excel.



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