My thanks and appreciation are due to a number of people who have contributed in various ways to the Armory of the West Country, or to the blog pages on this site.

First, thanks to all you keyholders, cleaners, flower arrangers, clergy and members of congregations of the churches of the West Country.  You keep the churches open and accessible and welcoming, usually despite a shortage of funds, staying resolute against the ever present depredations of time and climate and the occasional but more devastating attacks of thieves and vandals.  Especial thanks to those of you whom I have met; without exception you have proved friendly and helpful, often sharing knowledge that I would otherwise have missed.

Thanks to:

the Churches Conservation Trust who “care for more than 350 churches”, many in the west country, “working with local communities to bring them alive again”;

Dr E T Fox, bench-end enthusiast;

The Librarian and other staff of the library of Exeter Cathedral;

The Archivist and other staff of the College of Arms;

Ken Ripper, of North Hill Local History Group;

Mark Griffin;

Andrew Thomas Johnston;

Geoff King;