The core of this site is Fox’s Armory of the West Country, a list in progress of coats of arms and their variants associated with the south-western counties of England, namely Cornwall, Devon, Somerset & Dorset.  Currently the list contains about thirteen thousand descriptions or blazons. There are over four thousand illustrations.  As the list is a work in progress, it is advisable to keep a link to this site rather than to download the .pdf file.

The original purpose of the list was to help with the dating of bench ends in the churches of the West Country by identification of coats of arms carved on them.  An increasing proportion of the illustrations in the list are images of arms currently displayed in those churches.

The armory is derived from several sources.  The majority of the sources focus on one or more of the four south-western counties.  Most of the other sources are the standard works related to English heraldry.  All of the variant arms described in the West Country sources have been included in the list.

Because arms that are in fact identical may be described differently by the original heralds and antiquarians, the descriptions given in the sources have been transcribed into, as near as possible, a common format.  The common format reduces repetition and also makes small differences between similar coats of arms easier to spot.

In addition to the written sources, the project continues to include images of actual examples of the arms currently found in the West Country, primarily from monuments, memorials, screens or bench-ends in churches.  Some of these examples appear not to have been described elsewhere.

This site is owned, designed, edited and written by Jeremy Fox, also known as Ged Fox and occasional user of the nom-de-plume ‘Whifflingpin’, who, for what it is worth, claims intellectual ownership and all appropriate copyright of the lists, essays, blogs, images and any otherwise unacknowledged content of this site.


from a bench-end in Sandford, near Crediton, Devon, England.
from bench-end in Sandford, Devon